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  1. Why is the soot filter clogged?

    All new diesel vehicles are equipped with soot filters. The soot filters (DPF) filter the soot particles (diesel soot) from the exhaust gases. These particles settle in the honeycomb of the soot filter and block the passage, and increasingly the filter. As soon as a certain counter-pressure in the filter is reached, the vehicle's electronics start internal regeneration, which causes the soot particles in the filter to burn to ash. However, only a part of the soot layers is affected by this combustion, so that the filter is gradually filled with soot and ash.

  2. How much does it cost to clean a soot filter?

    Standard cleaning of a car soot filter, incl. VAT and shipping costs: € 325

    All other options (trucks, buses, CHP, ETC.) on request

  3. Can I clean the soot filter myself?

    It is possible, but if this is not done professionally, it can lead to high costs.
    We definitely do not recommend this.

  4. How often does a soot filter need to be cleaned?

    Depending on the driving behavior of the customers, short or medium / long journeys. For example, particulate filters at short distances can clog at around 70,000 km, with medium-range vehicles at around 100,000 km and long-distance vehicles from around 150,000 km.

  5. How does my filter get to Malacat DPF?

    Have the soot filter (DPF) removed at a garage and send it to us, bring it or make a pick-up appointment. Depending on the distance (km) we also offer an express collection / delivery service.

  6. How should my DPF be delivered?

    Your particulate filter (DPF) must be removed by a workshop and all accessories (sensors, hoses, etc.) must be dismantled. We do not guarantee the functionality of fittings that have been removed by us!

  7. How long does the cleaning process take?

    The cleaning itself normally takes 1 working day. In the best case, the cleaned DPF / Cat can be delivered the next day. (Here you must also calculate the shipping / delivery and installation times.)

  8. How good is my soot filter (DPF) after cleaning?

    After cleaning by Malacat DPF, the soot filters are almost as good as new. That means that we remove at least 98% of the pollution.

  9. What if my soot filter (DPF) cannot be cleaned after the inspection?

    We can also recycle defective DPF and Kat. Ask for the possibilities.

General information
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    Malacat DPF
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  2. Contact details

    Phone: +31 (0)45 571 6893
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  3. Who are we?

    For more than 15 years we have been specialized in cleaning, recycling and valuation of catalysts and soot filters. Thanks to our many years of experience in the filter and catalyst sector, we now want to offer you the possibility to clean your clogged DPF and Kat, so that the filter and Kat can deliver their original performance. After extensive testing in our laboratory, it appeared that our cleaning process had no influence on the coating of the cat and the filter.

    Help us to keep our world clean for future generations.

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