Are you looking for a solution to clean your filter? You have come to the right place, we also clean the filters of private individuals.


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    Why is the particulate filter clogged?

    All new diesel vehicles are equipped with diesel particulate filters. Soot filters (DPF) filter soot particles (diesel soot) from the exhaust. These particles settle in the honeycomb of the particulate filter and block the passage, and more and more and more the filter. Once a certain back pressure in the filter is reached, the vehicle's electronics initiate internal regeneration, burning the soot particles in the filter to ash. However, only part of the soot layers are affected by this combustion, so the filter is gradually filled with soot and ash.

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    How much does it cost to clean a particulate filter?

    Standard cleaning of a car particulate filter, incl. VAT: €275.

    All other options (trucks, buses, CHP, ETC.) on request

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    Can I clean the particulate filter myself?

    It is possible but if not done professionally, it can lead to high costs.
    We absolutely do not recommend this.

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    How often should a particulate filter be cleaned?

    Depending on customers' driving habits, short or medium/long trips. For example, soot filters can clog as early as about 70,000 km on short-haul vehicles, at about 100,000 km on medium-haul vehicles and from about 150,000 km on long-haul vehicles.

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    How does my filter get to Malacat DPF?

    Have your diesel particulate filter (DPF) removed at a garage and send it to us, bring it or make a pick-up appointment. Depending on the distance (km), we also offer an express pick-up/drop-off service.

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    How should my DPF be delivered?

    Your diesel particulate filter (DPF) must be removed from the car by a workshop.

Do you have a clogged DPF that needs to be cleaned?

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